A Picture is Worth A Thousand Customers

Do you know the fastest growing Social Media site today? If you said Facebook, you’d be wrong. It’s Pinterest. While Facebook still dominates in terms of total number of users, Pinterest is growing dramatically, especially among Women.

So what you may say, and you might be right. But if you or your company sell or market products and services that focuses on a female audience, then you might want to consider jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. In terms of user engagement and quality of leads, Pinterest can deliver where other Social Media platforms only promise. Businesses that range from small boutique jewelry designers to clothing shops and even hair salons can find new customers by simply harnessing the power of the classic truism “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

Do a little research and you will find some pretty impressive success stories on businesses that are using Pinterest to grow their business. Here are a few:

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