Are You Using Google+

It is undeniable that Google is making significant gains in its membership growth. If they continue at their current growth rate the prediction is they will surpass the 400 million subscriber mark sometime in 2012. I must admit that in spite of all the buzz I haven’t given much thought to creating a G+ profile.

My resistance has little to do with giving Google control over one more piece of my on-line experience (Google Search, GMail, Google Docs, Google Voice, Google Apps, etc.) rather my struggle is one of the great questions we ask in life – Why?

  • What does G+ do that Facebook and Twitter don’t already do?
  • Will I create new and different connections on G+ than I could using FB & Twitter?
  • And last but most critical, will Google stand behind this project and protect my investment in time or will they simply pull the plug on it at some future date like they have with their previous social media projects?

I certainly believe there is a need and room for another social media platform that provides an alternative to FB. But for me the key is it must be an alternative, not just a me too platform. And from where I sit, that is exactly what G+ looks like.

What about you?